About us

“When I created Choose Chocolate in 2016 I was really just following my heart and developing something that I felt incredibly passionate about - good looking and great tasting chocolate made by hand!”

“I wanted to break away from the norm by creating a uniquely shaped chocolate bar, with a thicker shell of chocolate, and it was important to me that that chocolate was from a single origin for a distinct flavour, and that honest local ingredients were used".


Our Mission

Here at Choose Chocolate we strive to create the most delicious chocolate bars and sticks, using natural ingredients and single origin milk & dark chocolate. From tempering to packing, everything is made by our founder Sarah in her kitchen in Hampshire. We passionately believe that the unique shapes of our chocolate creations make them the perfect size to satisfy your chocolate cravings. We want you to love our chocolates as much as we do, so we will continue to create these by hand to make sure that each one is crafted to perfection.


All About Sarah

My name is Sarah and I am a self confessed chocoholic. I have always loved chocolate, it has become a huge part of my life and I don’t think I can remember the last time I went a whole day without giving in to my cravings. I have always been a creative person, it certainly runs in the family as my mum is a keen artist and I can remember making things from a really young age. In my teenage years baking became a real passion of mine, but my creations always contained chocolate…chocolate cookies...chocolate muffins... chocolate cakes. Looking back, it seems inevitable that I would end up setting up my own chocolate business. 

To explore my love of all things chocolate, in 2016 I decided to teach myself how to make chocolates. It was a real learning curve and I started with tempering; which I feel is a very apt name for the process! After I had mastered this, I started experimenting with flavours, colours and textures. That Easter my friends and family couldn't get enough of my creations, and so Choose Chocolate was born. 

Over the last few years I have become passionate about eating and using single origin chocolate, due to its distinct flavours. It’s taken extensive tasting but I have really loved discovering where my favourite chocolates came from. Personally I have a soft spot for South American cocoa beans, and so naturally the milk and dark chocolate I selected for Choose Chocolate had to come from this amazing part of the world. I look forward to tasting more amazing single origin chocolate in the future, all in the name of research of course!


Meet the Family 

I am known as Mummy to two little ladies called Ella and Grace. Like me, Grace has a love of dark chocolate which is very unusual for a two year old. I like to think that she has been influenced by being surrounded by chocolate and has a very refined palette. Unfortunately, my four year old Ella is more of a crisp girl, which I personally don’t understand. Fortunately they don't get involved in any of the Choose Chocolate making process but they seem quite impressed with the chocolates. I like to get their opinions on whether they think that the chocolate looks pretty enough. After all, you can always trust a child to be brutally honest. My girls inspire me every day as their lust for life is infectious and I want to inspire them to follow their dreams, be they covered in chocolate or otherwise.

Whatever your preference, we hope that you find something that intrigues and excites you and that our passion for beautiful looking and tasting chocolate shines through.

Sarah x

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